Marie Joveneau

Maps and charts

Marie Joveneau was born in Belgium, where she studied architecture. Her activities as a graphic designer grew out of her ongoing work in the figurative arts, and she has exhibited her paintings and photographs in both Belgium and Italy, where she has lived since 2009.



Featured briefing

Water stress

Longitude #129

Featured briefing

The blue gold

Longitude #112

Featured briefing

Bubbling over

Longitude #81

Central banking figures

Central banking figures

Longitude #58

Crude oil's downward slide

The world of oil

Longitude #57

Is the world’s economy safe?

World economy ups and downs

Longitude #56

Will the ballots fix Spanish politics?

The stakes in Spain

Longitude #55

How the car is changing

What’s driving change

Longitude #54

China’s unending march

Post-bubble China

Longitude #53

Working on the EU to come

Snapshot of a crunch

Longitude #52

Emergency aid disasters

Foreign aid data

Longitude #51

Europe’s boat people

Charting the exodus

Longitude #50

The rising allure of the tangible

The market of revival

Longitude #50

International security

Chaos and control

Longitude #48

Islam’s Thirty Years’ War

Shifting sands

Longitude #47

Greece in the hands of the gods

The financial mess

Longitude #47

Euro Sisyphus faces jihad

Muslims in Europe

Longitude #46

Euro Sisyphus faces jihad

A world of debt

Longitude #46

The new world of cheap oil

The big drop

Longitude #44

­­­Sowing the seeds of better food policy­

The Earth’s food map

Longitude #43

China’s delicate balancing act

China’s long climb back

Longitude #43

­­­The not quite pacific Indian Ocean

At the center of the new geopolitical equation

Longitude #39

­­­The battle for Europe

Euroskeptics who’s who

Longitude #38

Avoiding the dark

Global flows

Longitude #38

The twisting roads of Arab transition

Towards transition

Longitude #37

China's shadowy moves

China’s power

Longitude #35

Global rush in telecommunications

Global telecom traffic data

Longitude #32

De-globalized manufacturing

Manufacturing trends

Longitude #31

Japan’s recovery roller coaster

Japan’s ups and downs

Longitude #29

Smoldering societies

Times of protest

Longitude #29