Populists prying Europe apart

The European Union is often blamed for the deep economic crisis many European countries are facing. Bureaucracy, slow decision-making, a fetish for austerity, and lack of democratic legitimacy are just the most glaring reasons for all the euroskeptiscism, a new political doctrine born in recent years, which has gradually been winning favor with public opinion throughout Europe.Following this ideology many parties arose in countries like France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany. In particular, the French National Front and the Italian Northern League have strong ties and work together to disparage the euro as a single currency and try to change the EU in a way that brings it closer to its citizens. In Great Britain, instead, the UK Independent Party has fought to quit the Union altogether and to pursue a nationalist politics. In Germany, the Alternative for Germany Party could be seen as moderate compared to its counterparts from other European countries.However, these parties should not be seen a single, international movement. They have different views on many topics and this weakens their battle within the European institutions. So rather than sweeping across Europe in coherent wave, their swell would more likely result in the progressive disintegration of the European project.